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Clearline Ortho
Doctors area
Why Clearline Ortho?
Quality Treatment
Over 1,000,000 adult and teen patients treated in clinical research and private practices world wide.
Preferred treatment provider for dentists & orthodontist's world over.
Complex treatment solutions simplified by the Clearline Ortho treatment option.
Advantages of Clearline Ortho
Research has proved that, In contrast to traditional braces, less plaque accumulation, periodontal disease, decalcification and root resorption with Clearline Ortho. It is evident that there are clear advantages from a preventive dentistry point of view with Clearline Ortho in comparison with fixed appliances.
Satisfied Patients Bring More...
"More than 90% doctors agree that Clearliners patients are happier than fixed braces patients during treatment"
Practicing Growth & Profits
Advantages of Clearline Ortho
Over 80% of Doctors agree " Clearline Ortho is opening a whole new class of patients "
Growing your Profits
Studies show that Doctor's practices increase by over 50% with Clearline Ortho.
Save your practice chair side time
Over 60% reduction is your practice chair side time with Clearline Ortho.
" With Us More Patients Simply Means More Business "
Request More Information
Learn how your practice can benefit from Clearline Ortho
Simply Sign up as a Doctor and a CLO certified Dental Practitioner will contact you to discuss how you may start using the product.